Vintage Smoking Pipe Uses

One of the primary uses of vintage smoking pipes is to depict one’s unqiue characteristic to the society. In fact, the famous Sherlock Holmes once used a particular vintage pipe to impose his character while doing other things simultaneously. His character is one of the best selling collectibles among the Meerschaum Pipe series which is considered to be one of the most renowned antique quality pipes. Most pipe smokers are rich guys and they do not only buy pipes just to smoke but also to collect and produce vintage quality pipes. One of the unique feature of Meerschaum is its ability to change color which is a result from the light, volatile oils found in all tobaccos. Meerschaum could change color from white to golden to a deep reddish brown depending on the type of tobacco smoked, and the frequency of smoking. The complete coloring process of Meerschaum Pipes is gradual and takes about one year or longer. That what makes Meerschaum as one of the most desirable vintage pipes in the market.

The pipe smoker knows that vintage pipes are the perfect material for providing a cool, dry, flavorful smoke. It’s worth every penny you pay as it could last a lifetime if constantly maintained and properly taken care of. Unlike briars, they will not burn out so there is no need to apply protective carbon cake on the inside of the bowl. To the contrary, the cleaner you keep your vintage pipe, the better it will smoke. However, to cure vintage pipes, you should smoke more loads of your favorite tobacco.

Either you buy a vintage pipe purely because it can provide the best smoking experience or you want to collect and preserve antique quality pipes, the fact that it is a good investment for pleasure marks the bottom line of your decision. As it comes in fascinating designs and has the premium distinction for its taste at the same time.

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