Why Buy Vintage Smoking Pipe

If you want to experience the best tobacco taste any pipe could offer, vintage smoking pipes are highly recognized by the pipe smoking communities as unrivaled. Meerschaums for instance, are vintage pipes made from the mysterious sea foam by Turkish artisans, its crafted with fascinating antique quality design and provides a entirely different smoking experience. Simply put, vintage pipes are among the most flavorful and beautiful pipe you can own.

Vintage smoking pipes are not only highly priced because of its unequaled beauty and quality, its also worth every penny you pay for it as it could last a lifetime if constantly maintained. Since it does not burn out unlike other types of pipes, it also reduces the consumption of protective carbon cake needed on the inside of the bowl. Like Meerschaum, vintage smoking pipes also has a neutral tasting material and requires the light, volatile oil of several loads of tobacco to give you the mellow taste of which Meerschaum smokers are so fond.

Vintage smoking pipes come in different series according to their style and design. Vintage smoking pipes currently have nine series to choose from – the classic series, people series, dragon series, claw series, the sexy series, horror, ladies pipe series and the animal collection. You can also actually customize and make your own design as the store provides made to order pipes to fit your pipe style and design. Lastly, there are also pipes under $30, perfect for pipe smokers who are on a tight budget.